My TED like Talk: How Playing Sports Can Affect Peoples Mental Health


Over the past two weeks, my Language Arts class has been making TED-like Talks. My topic was How Playing Sports Can Affect Peoples’ Mental Health. My call to action for this topic was that I play a lot of sports in my life and I spent a lot of time playing sports. Playing sports helps me relieve any stress I have from school or just life.

Everyone made slideshows with speaker notes and images. The experience was a little nerve racking because I had to stand in front of the whole class and talk for about 4 minutes. Everyone was staring at me while I was just talking about my topic. It wasn’t that hard to talk about though because I know a lot about my topic. This was a fun activity to do!

My Tree Book

Since January 2022 my language arts class has been working on an amazing project called the tree book.

We started the process by painting pieces of paper with different word stencils and blue paint backgrounds. Then we cut some cardboard into tree shapes. Next, we took the blue paper and glued the trees to it. As the weeks went on we started decorating it with leaves and cardboard cutouts.

Only a few weeks ago did we start actually writing the poems to go in the book. We wrote 3 different poems, a “Life List” poem, a “ When This is Over” poem, and a “Salute to My Roots” poem. These poems talked about what we want to do in life, who is important in our lives, and what our experience was with Covid.

This was a very good and meaningful project. I loved being able to create my own book and I especially loved that I made my book with an actual artist, Peg Gignoux. I love that I  could write about my experiences with people, events, and my future. My poem about a person was really meaningful because the person I wrote about moved away from my family.

I recommend doing this project with other future classes because it was really great!


I don’t know if this is true for other people in my class but I didn’t know anything about stocks.

It was good for me to just learn about stocks but it was also really great to do an activity that connected to the book our class is reading. In The Westing Game, the book we are reading there is a character who is very invested in stocks. I invested in 6 stocks. I chose Tesla, Nike, Amazon, Pfizer, Delta, and She’ll gas station. I chose these because when we were picking these were all going up by a lot and gas prices are going up so I was getting more money for gas and Tesla.

I personally thought this experience was a very fun and valuable experience. It was a great learning experience for me. It taught me how to set up a spreadsheet and it taught me how to know if I am investing in a good company or not. At first, creating the spreadsheet was hard because I had to do some formulas to make it easier to use but after I got it set up everything was fine. This was also really great because it lasted for months instead of only doing it for one week. If we only did it for one week we would only get the money from one week but because we did it over months the prices changed so much. When we checked our stocks for the very last time I was at negative 3,852.88. This experience was great and I think you should do it next year!

The Planetarium Field Trip

On April 27, 2022, my grade went on our first field trip since 4th grade before Covid. This field trip was definitely a very memorable one in the way that I thought this trip was great.

The first thing we did once we got off the buses for my group was we went to a Science Live show. The show had awesome experiments and I learned so much. My favorite thing about the Science Live show was when the teacher got out liquid nitrogen. After the show, we walked around the campus looking at the historical monuments. For 30 minutes before lunch, my group went to a really cool exhibit with all different experiments and information. We settled down a little bit for lunch before going to my favorite thing that trip, the dome show. Even though I have been at the dome show previously It was still really fun to see. We saw the show called Astronauts which gave a lot of information about space and astronauts. The dome made the show so much cooler. After the dome show because we had some time left before going on the buses back one of the workers gave us a lot of information about the stars. She talked about the zodiacs and how in different months the planets are at different places in space. I really recommend taking a visit to the Chapel Hill North Carolina Planetarium!

Wonder the Best Book Ever

There have been a few books I have read in my life that made me want to read them over and over again. One of those books was Wonder. I have read Wonder at least 5 times and I have never gotten tired of reading it. The book is very thought out and it seemed so real when you’re reading it that you can almost be in the book.

There are some happy moments in Wonder but there are also some moments when you feel really bad for some of the characters. I won’t give any spoilers but Wonder is about a boy who has a disability that makes his face very deformed. Because of this disease he had been home school up until 5th grade because of surgeries he had to go through. In 5th grade, he finally goes to a real school to see what it’s like.

In the book, he ends up getting bullied by some people. Getting bullied made him get more friends and over time people started being a lot nicer to him. This book is an amazing book that everyone should at least read once in their life. When you read Wonder you will feel like you can’t put the book down. It’s sad, funny, and adventurous at the same time. This book is okay for all ages to read but it does have a lot of pages so just keep that in mind before reading. You would be making a huge mistake if you don’t read this book.

Wisdom Tales

Wisdom tales are short stories that have a lesson or something to learn from the story. There are wisdom tales from all over the country. My Language Arts class did a project where we read about 20-30 wisdom tales and in a slide we would write what the moral, country, and summary of the story was. At the end of reading all of the stories, we got to chose any story we wanted to create a comic about. The story I chose was a story call The Red and Blue Coat. I chose this story because I thought the moral of this story was a really meaningful moral. The moral of this story is always look at different peoples perspectives. I think this moral is important because in my life and probably lots of other people’s lives you are only thinking about one side of the story or only thinking about what you are going through not other people too. Some of the other morals I thought were also really important but this one was my favorite.

The Red and Blue Coat was about two best friends that lived next to each other. One day a trickster wanted to prank them so he could see if they were really best friends. He put on a coat that had red on one side and blue on the other. He went up to them but ran away right when they saw the color. They started arguing about which color the coat was and it almost made them stop being friends. The trickster came back and showed them that the coat had two colors.

Creating this comic was easier than it sounds with what we did. We downloaded an app called Comic Life 3 which builds a comic structure and helps you design your comic. All you have to do is draw the comics in the app called Sketchbook, than insert them into Comic Life 3 and add any text you need. The app I did all my drawings in was called Sketchbook. You can use lots of other apps but I used that one. In sketchbook you get a piece of paper that you can draw on you add an image to. After you have made your drawing you just add it to Comic Life 3.

My Trip to New York

Over the long weekend I went to Brooklyn, New York to visit one of my friends I only get to see when my family goes out to Quogue in the summer. I left school half way through the day so I could board my flight as an unaccompanied minor. When I got off the plane I drove back to his house. When we woke up on Saturday we went to a town called SOHO to go to a slime institute when we made slime, played with slime, and got SLIMED! After that we went to lunch. After lunch we went into town to shop around and I bought 3 things. The last thing we did out was we went to Starbucks. That night we made homemade pizzas and watched Pitch Perfect 3. On Sunday we woke up and went ice skating after we had pancakes. The next thing we did was we went to the movie theater to watch the new spider man movie. Next we had dinner, played in the snow, and watched Dance Moms. On Monday we woke up to see the sunrise, played with the 2 dogs and 1 cat. Then we went to the airport. While we were waiting we really wanted to get Shake Shack but there wasn’t one at the part of the airport we were in so we just got a snack instead. While waiting for my flight we watched Dance Moms until I boarded. That was one of the best trips I have every been on.

Sleep Away Camp

This summer I went to my first sleep away camp. I was supposed to go in 2020 but because of COVID it got cancelled. The camp I went to was called Windridge. Windridge is in Vermont. I first read about it because my brother and his friend went in 2018 so then I decided to go in 2020.

The camp is a really fun camp with lots to do. It is called a tennis camp but there are lots of other fun things to do at Windridge. When you sign up it asks you what things you would want to do in your day. Everyday you could change your schedule. My schedule was first soccer, then tennis, next there is lunch, then I did rec center, next was arts and crafts, second to last was ropes course, and last was just playing in the pool. I would change my schedule sometimes but that is what it was at the end. In the photo above, you can see a picture with some of my friends. That photo was taken after camp had ended and we were on the bus to go to New York to get picked up. I made so many good friends but only some of them are in the picture. The rest of them got picked up from camp. This was such a good experience I am going this coming summer.

Daily Habits


Daily habits are things you do every day. It could be anything like just waking up at 7 every day for school, brushing your hair in the morning, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast in the morning, or making your bed.

From September 13 to November 23 my language arts class was doing the daily habit of planking. We started at 30 seconds and added 15 seconds every week until the day before everyone left for Thanksgiving. Every day that we planked we had to fill in that day on a habit tracker. At the end before we each did one plank individually our class got to 3 minutes. When we did the final plank my best time was 8 minutes and 23 seconds. The planking was sometimes really hard but I felt like it was a good experience because it really helped me get used to remembering to do things I need to do every day. It also helped me get my core, arms, and leg muscles stronger. I would probably not do the plank challenge again but I liked having that experience.

When we all got back from Thanksgiving we had to each pick a different habit but this time the whole class didn’t have to all do the same thing. The new habit I chose was to drink 40 ounces of water every day. In my daily life I don’t really drink enough water at all. I usually only drink a few ounces for water a day.




For the school year ( September- May) I live in North Carolina. I was born in New York City and lived there until I was 7. Every since before I was born me and my family have been going to a little town in Long Island New York. We go to Quogue for the whole summer. I have made such close friends and I have so much freedom in Quogue because it is a small town. Some things I like to do with my friends are bike to the beach, go get lunch at the beach or the market, swim in someone’s pool, go tubing on my friends boat, go water skiing, and going go a day sports camps from 9-12. I have a really fun  time there